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About US

Agriplus Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the field of smart water solutions for agricultural.
Agriplus Co., Ltd. offers solutions which enable farmers to raise more high quality yield using fewer resources – water, land, fertilizers and energy.
Agriplus Co., Ltd. works to advance the concept of knowledge-based solutions according to specific crops. The purpose of which is to fit the solution to the needs of the grower in various areas, such as sugar cane, potatoes, tomatoes, vineyards, citrus, etc.
Agriplus Ltd. focuses on open-field irrigation projects of various sizes, landscape projects and greenhouses.
Agriplus Ltd. offers growers full turnkey service, from feasibility studies to a fully operational farm. For the Do-It-Yourself growers, Agriplus Ltd. offers irrigation components and consulting services on how to use them.
Lower cost, higher yield.